Foal photo by Joshua Barry

Foaling Season – August to mid-November

Should your party wish to see a mare give birth please give Duncan Barry the mobile number of one person in your party that will be responsible for waking everyone up. Mares tend to foal between midnight and 5am. The ‘maternity’ paddock with the mares that are due and the foaling units are conveniently situated adjacent to Barry House. As with humans we cannot accurately predict exactly when a mare will foal so there is no guarantee that you will be fortunate enough to witness a foaling. We hope you do get to live this experience! It will remain one of your most precious memories.


Dress warmly as the foaling is done outside in as natural a manner as possible and to prevent the foal from slipping on cement when it first tries to stand.

Have your shoes, waterproof jacket, etc lined up before you retire for the evening.

Should you receive a call, get to the foaling unit a.s.a.p. as it can happen very quickly!

Please watch from outside the foaling camp so that the mare has space to move around.

Please talk softly so as not to upset the mare.

Walk around the farm


Guests are welcome to explore the farm or hike through the forest along the banks of the Breede River. For their own safety guests may not go into the horse paddocks or cattle camps.

Young children must please be accompanied by an adult as our young thoroughbred horses are unbroken and not tame ponies.

Fishing in the Breede photo by courtesy of professional jockey Richard Fourie

Fresh Water Fishing

The Breede River has mainly bass and carp. So bring your rods, catch and release, unless you are going to enjoy a fish braai! Winning carp have been caught with a mielies and bingo dip bait in the Breede River that runs through our farm.

The farm dam has also been known to reward a spot of fishing with some behemoths.

Canoeing in the Breede

Swimming / Canoeing

The river has a lovely sandy beach to build castles or relax in the shade of the many trees. Bring your paddle-skis or canoes and life-jackets with. Swimming and canoeing are at own risk. Always employ the buddy system when swimming or canoeing in the river or the farm dam.

All farm activities are at own risk.

Blue Crane by Louis Groenewald


The garden is haven to Cape Sugarbirds, Wagtails, African Hoop -hoos. A walk around the farm will delight you with flocks of Sacred Ibises, Guinea Fowl, Egyptian Geese, Blue Cranes, etc. Answer the Fish Eagles call and stroll down to the river to find a  flock of inland Darter birds (Anhinga rufa), 3 species of Kingfishers, ducks and geese. The Western Osprey can unusually be spotted this far inland. Lifer – Tambourine Dove!

Giant King Fisher photo by John Heddon

Giant King Fisher photo by John Heddon

Juvenile Malakite Kingfisher photo by Norman Barrett

Juvenile Malakite Kingfisher photo by Norman Barrett

Darter photo by Norman Barrett

Darter bird photo by Norman Barrett

Breede River runs through Riverton

Breede River runs through Riverton

Carp photo by Norman Barrett

Carp photo by Norman Barrett

Molting Southern Red Bishop, Euplectes orix, by John Heddon

Molting Southern Red Bishop by John Heddon

Old fashioned fun!


A delightful Victorian jungle gym graces the Barry House on Riverton garden. Charming butterfly swings, a rock climbing wall, a climbing frame, monkey rings and a slide are sure to provide the little ones with lots of fun as will the sandpit in a huge old farm tractor tire.

Remember the thrill of letting go of the foefie slide at the right time to splash into the river on those hot summer days or hunting for tadpoles in the farm dam during November?

The modern day equivalent at Riverton remains the same except that children must not partake without parental supervision and you are advised that there are no life guards or life saving equipment at the river or the farm dam and that neither Barry House on Riverton, the owners or staff accept any liability what so ever. All activities are taken entirely at own risk.

Foefie Slide at Riverton
Barry House massage option

Massage Option at Barry House


Jackie and Liz are available to come to Barry House by appointment to treat you and your guests to a full body massage, or a ‘specific problem area’.

They offer a number of styles at R650.00 for 1 hour: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Sports, Combination.  For groups of more than 5, the rate is discounted to R600.00 per person.  They can do single, couples and group massage treatments all in the comfort of your room, the family room or under the trees in the garden for a unique experience! They provide massage beds, oils and towels.

Contact Jackie Bond via email or cell +27 (0)82 956 7830 to book.


Wine Tasting


No need to designate a driver. Phone Johan Smit Charter Services on 082 666 9884 to book a bus to take your party wine tasting – local wine estates of your choice. His rates are very reasonable, he will come and fetch you from Barry House on Riverton and he will wait whilst you have lunch somewhere.

Best to book this activity for Saturday morning or midweek as many of the wineries are closed on Saturday afternoon and Sundays.

Optional Wine Tour

Wine Valley Safari


Fun transport in an open-air safari vehicle. Allowing you to fully breathe in and discover the Robertson Wine Valley in all its glory.

​Choose from self-guided hop-on hop-off routes to pre-packaged wine tasting tours. Tours leave adjacent to the Laverne Wine Shop in Voortrekker Road, Robertson but for a big group they could be persuaded to fetch you from Barry House on Riverton. or phone +27 (0)81 740 0145

Optional Wine Tour

Country Living 101

Living close to nature is a wonderful privilege, but it does require a slight shift in thinking and awareness.

Drink from the jug of water provided in your room, bottled water or filtered rainwater from the spout in the kitchen. The tap water comes from the farm dam and hasn’t undergone any chemical processing as you have in the city.

Stick to the beaten paths through the forest so that you can see where you are walking. Most snakes will sense you coming and hurry away before you see them, except for the lazy, poisonous puff adder that gets extremely annoyed when trodden on.

Use insect repellent in summer and keep the screens over the doors and windows closed.

Should you venture down to the river in summer or take a marvelous walk through the forest please check yourself for ticks afterwards. Should you find one it is important to SCRAPE it off so as not to leave the head behind to fester.

Bees are vital for the pollination of our fruit. The bees won’t disturb you, if you don’t disturb their hive.

Please do not flush any non-biodegradable objects down the toilets as this may upset the eco-balance of the septic tanks.

Wine tasting at neighbouring Springfield Wine Estate

Wine Tasting


Barry House on Riverton is close to some of the top wine estates in the area!

Neighbouring Bon Courage, Springfield, and Cloverfield, also Zandvliet, Excelsior, Arabella, Viljoensdrift, De Wetshof, Van Loveren and the most amazing Chocolate and Wine pairing at Robertson Winery (premier pairing wine temporary sold out).


Nearby Activities

Besides wine tasting Robertson also offers golf, river cruises, horse riding, sky diving, an exotic birds paradise, cactus garden, antique shops, art galleries, game drives, fine cuisine, fast foods and more. On the desk in the Barry House sitting room you will find a tear off map highlighting the wineries and activities in the area or see for further details.

Horse riding nearby

Horse Riding

 We do not have riding horses on our farm. However, the Robertson Riding School is only four farms away and you can book outrides through the vineyards and along the banks of the Breede River or wine tasting carriage rides with them. Bookings can be made via their website. For enquiries email or by phone call to +27(0)82 496 1216. Riding helmets are available should you not have your own.

Activity Ideas

Café Maude on Bon Courage

Why not start your day at 9am with a delicious breakfast under the Peppers Trees at Café Maude on neighbouring Bon Courage wine estate?
There is a mini jungle gym and swings to keep the children occupied. The corn fritters with salmon swirls topped with crème fraîche and garnished rocket is delicious!
Try Bon Courage’s international award winning Jacques Bruére MCC or Shiraz – you won’t be disappointed!
Open Mon to Fri from 09:00 – 17:00 I Sat 09:00 – 15:00 The restaurant isn’t always open on a Sunday, so check in advance Tel: +27 (0)23 626 6806

Viljoensdrift River Cruise

Departs daily at 12 noon. Arrive half an hour before hand to select your Deli picnic & wine and lunch on board the 50 minute Viljoensdrift river cruise on the Breede river. About 5km further down our Bonnievale R317 road. The cruise is R90 for adults and includes an informal wine tasting and R20 for children 3 to 12 years old.
Tel: + 27 (0)23 615 1017 or book your cruise online.

Viljoensdrift River Cruise

Afternoon Tea

Birds Paradise on the outskirts of Robertson is a must if you have young children to entertain. Over 200 cages of exotic birds, snakes and monkeys, an outdoor mini-zoo (crocodiles, lemurs, porcupines, etc), large jungle gym and swings, curio shop and tea room.

Telephone: +27 (0)23 626 3926

Sundowners & Dinner

Enjoy the tranquil view of the cactus gardens at Mo & Rose at Soekershof, Klaasvoogds.


Robertson is blessed with many great places to eat! We have only named a few below.

Bourbon Street on Voortrekker Rd, Robertson, is a must for the best steaks in South Africa!

Four Cousins on Voortrekker Rd, Robertson as you enter the town. Nicely presented food and Boet beer.

For that special midweek occasion – dinner at Fraai Uitzicht farm, Klaasvoogds or anytime at The Small Hotel can be recommended. Book in advance.

Fast Food

The best Steers in the Boland can be found at the Shell Garage as you enter Robertson. Debonairs Pizza and Rapid River Spur can be found at the Mall, off Voortrekker Road, near KFC. Debonairs Pizza will deliver to Barry House on Riverton.


Hands on Bee Keeping, Bushbraai and Tractor Ride

Walk in the footsteps of Farmer Redbeard, the bee-keeper, and practice the art of smoking the bees, retrieving and spinning out the honey. One’s taste buds get to explore the different types of honey produced in this area, and which can be enjoyed on fresh homemade bread with tea or coffee on his ‘stoep’.
Or join Farmer Redbeard for a tractor ride with an optional bushbraai included.

Marbrin Olive Farm

Tour the Marbrin Olive Farm and learn how olives and olive oils are processed. You’ll also be able to taste their olive oils, try different cultivars of olives and their range of home-made olive tapenades. Marbrin Farm also accommodates group bookings for their tapas menu.

Book a tour, olive tasting or tapas menu on Cell: +27 (0)73 840 8228 | +27 (0)78 916 3606 or Email:

Owls Rest Olive & Lavender Farm Stall

Experience lavender harvesting – by hand – and the steam distilling process which produces lavender water and essential oil and purchase quality merchandise at the Owls Rest farm stall. Located on Route 62 between Robertson and Ashton nestled at the foot of the Langeberge in the Klaasvoogds West area.

Tel: +27 (0)23 626 1284

Saggy Stone Micro-Brewery

On your way back to Cape Town why not take a slight detour off the beaten track and enjoy a craft beer tasting and lunch at Saggy Stone?

Fish Eagle Hiking Trail

A 7.5km hiking trail starting on the Van Loveren Wine Estate, crosses the Breede River and climbs up the Rooikrans with breathtaking views of the valley. Organise in advance should you wish to hike on a Sunday.

Tel: +27 (0)23 615 1505


The Robertson Golf Club on Silwerstrand Golf & River Estate welcomes visitors.
The 18-hole golf course is a good mix of short and long holes with Danie Obermeyer signature bunkers providing an added challenge.
The superb changing facilities, bar and the spectacular view from the wrap around patio all ensure a great day on course.

Telephone the Pro Shop: +27 (0)23 626 1090 to book.


Braam Coetzee Art Studio, by appointment with the artist who made Nguni cattle paintings famous: +27 (0)82 498 3885

Natasha Barry Art, by appointment on Riverton farm. Oil paintings with artist’s moulding: SMS +27 (0)82 975 2243 or Email:

Rialheim Ceramic Studio & Open Air Galley (Studio Tour available on request) on Clairvaux Estate as you enter Robertson from the Worcester side.
Open: 09:00 – 17:00 Monday to Friday, 09:00 – 14:00 Saturday and 09:00 – 14:00 Public Holidays (Closed on Christmas and Boxing Day).

Tel: +27 (0)79 898 3120 or Email:


Robertson is home to the Western Province Sport Parachute Club that was established in 1972. Operating as Skydive Robertson, it is a training and recreational Club. In a first for the Western Cape, the South African National Skydiving Championships was held in Robertson in April 2011.

Have a look at their website to find out over which weekends the Club will be jumping: Tel: +27 (0)83 462 5666 to book your skydive or tandem jump!

What about a tandem jump as a present for the adventurous type?


The Lord of War movie starring Nicholas Cage and Ethan Hawkes features the Robertson airstrip!

African Science, Oil on canvas with artist's moulding, by Natasha Barry
Desert Balance, Oil on canvas with artist's moulding by Natasha Barry - SOLD
Left: A segment of African Science from the I am an African Series by Natasha Barry. Medium: Oil on canvas with artist’s moulding. Size: 760 mm x 1002 mm Price: ZAR 3500.00

Inspiration: Smallpox and the knowledge how to inoculate against it originally came from Asia. Hundreds of years before Edward Jenner developed a successful smallpox vaccine in 1796 certain African societies were already practising inoculation. They carried out a general inoculation by scratching the pus of an active case into their skin with a 95 to 99% success rate. Over a quarter of Europeans who contracted smallpox by breathing it in before Jenner’s vaccine, died.

Viewing: By appointment only. SMS: +27 (0)82 975 2243 or Email:

Commissions: The artist does accept commissions should the subject matter interest her and she feels that she can contribute something unique. You are welcome to forward an idea(s), colour scheme and photos for a quotation. However, should you want a painting that looks exactly like a single favourite photo the artist suggests that you consider having the photo enlarged and possibly printed on canvas as an option.

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