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Robertson Winery


The superior quality of a wine lies in the soil.


The same high calcium content of the soil that produces superior bone strength in our thoroughbreds is also responsible for the naturally superior grape quality of our valley. The Robertson Wine Valley is the only wine producing area in South Africa that does not have to add lime to its soil.

Riverton is proud to be a member of the trend-setting and progressive Robertson Winery family and is an accredited member of the Wine Industry and Agricultural Ethical Trade Association (WIETA). Wine lovers will be reassured to know that Robertson Winery was one of the first trail blazers in 2012 to receive an ethical seal on several of it’s individually audited wines to certify that Fair Labour Practices were adhered to in their production. In 2009 transfer took place whereby 183 farm workers became stakeholders in Constitution Wine Growers of which they own 66% and Robertson Winery 33%.

Robertson Winery is able to consistently produce quality wine across a wide spectrum of cultivars. Grape-growing Robertson Winery family members, some of whom are 7th generation growers, cultivate approximately 2400 hectares under vine. With vineyards stretching from the mountains to the banks of the Breede River, specific cultivars can thus be planted to suit the terrain that they best thrive on.

The healthy dry climate necessitates all Riverton’s vineyards be under carefully monitored drip irrigation to compensate for the low average rainfall of between 150 to 200 ml per year. Soil moisture readings of each specific vineyard are performed on a weekly basis.

Internationally, the palates of wine lovers in more than 35 countries are rewarded with wine from Robertson Winery.




Every year Robertson Winery wins an impressive collection of awards. Click here to see the list of award winning wines.

Robertson Winery advert with Barry & Conradie families
Robertson Winery advert with Duncan Barry sampling the wine


Riverton also produces Apricots and Peaches with lemons having recently been added to the mix.